RTAS® – THE REAL TIME ADVISORY SYSTEM: Identifying & assessing problematic drilling conditions before they create costly problems.


RTAS is a PROACTIVE, unique real-time monitoring and analysis system.


Real-time monitoring, analysis, and reporting of actual well data compared to imported models.


Upload and analyze WITSML data from
any supplier.

Real-time analysis and proactive ‘watches’ deliver reliable, cost efficient
drilling & barrier management operations.

Real-time system: from the well plan, to simulation and training.


DrillSage, LLC utilizes a new expert system driven software design coupled with the latest internet technology and security.

RTAS is vendor neutral and can use any WTSML data


The industry has a unique, growing set of problems that require new and effective solutions:


  • Experience levels at the rig site and the office have decreased significantly.
  • The pace of drilling and complexity of wells is increasing while experience is decreasing.
  • Cost pressures and metrics drive aggressive well plans and faster well drilling rates.
  • Major incident rates are not decreasing, they are increasing.

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