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Peruse our videos by topic or start from the beginning where the team and special guest experts discuss practical opportunities to consistently reduce both industry risk and cost of drilling operations. These risks and costs are reduced by something new: proactive real time systems. 

Part 1: What is a Proactive Real Time System

Part 2: Proactive vs Reactive Systems

Part 3: Where Real Efficiency is Found

Part 4: Solutions: Data into Information – Time and Resource Gap

Part 5: Solving Data Overload – Social Responsibility

Part 6: Assumptions Create Extra Costs – Achieving Efficient Operations

Part 7: Industry Step Change: Speed Is Not The Answer    

Part 8: Unlocking Digital Dust – Auditability

Part 9: Leading Edge Security – RTAS and MS Azure ​

Part 10: Proactive Tools for Training     ​

Part 11: Cost Effectiveness via Proactive Tools – Integrated Teams

Part 12: Value of Proactive Systems to Operators and Drilling Contractors  

LiteSpeed Server 2.0 - Dallas, Tx.

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