DrillSage, LLC’s goal is to improve safety, reliability and performance in the oil and gas drilling industry. DrillSage’s key personnel have over 120 years of global experience in virtually every type of global drilling environment. This experience includes a comprehensive array of management and engineering experience and real time systems development.



Our primary goal is to provide management, asset teams, drilling crews, , drilling supervisors, and drilling engineers with a system that lowers risk, improves performance, and improves the quality of well planning in a cost-effective manner.

Our secondary goal is to provide a better system to facilitate cross discipline collaboration, improve communication between the field operations and the office, and streamline the process for managing and reporting information to fulfill regulatory requirements.



We believe from our collective experience that effective use of real time data will deliver safer more efficient drilling operations and that all stakeholders associated with drilling operations will benefit.

For a real-time data system to be effective it must  translate data into information and enable the user to utilize their information without requiring them to commit to other services or an inflexible data management system. It must have a high degree of flexibility but be fully secure and fully meet the users unique analysis, display and reporting requirements.

Real time data value depends entirely on the ability to be accurate, timely, and relevant to making quality, proactive operational decisions at the well site and by the larger well team.

All Operators regardless of size – onshore or offshore – will benefit from a cost effective real time data system that does not necessitate the significant costs of building and staffing a 24/7 real time data monitoring center.



CEO: Chad McNair
Over 25 years of investing and launching successful business ventures and serves on numerous profit and non-profit Boards. Chad is a Civil Engineer with an MBA in finance from The University of Houston.

CFO: Jesse E. Roye
Over 40 years of global E&P engineering and IT management experience and D&C real-time monitoring center management: Majors, Super Majors, and Service Providers.

William Hagan, CTO
CEO and majority owner of Stratagraph. Mr. Hagan is a member of Theta Chi Fraternity, and currently a board member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Advisor: David M. Pritchard
Over 40 years of global engineering and supervisory experience: Majors, Super Majors, Independents, NOC’S and Service Providers.

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