What can be done with Historical Analysis?

  • Upload and analyze WITSML data from any vendor from a typical historical well in moments enabling:
    • Post appraisal, root cause analysis
    • Design practices and procedures
  • Understand applied wellbore physics in response to subsurface trends and uncertainties
  • Customize and create specific simulation and training templates and venues
  • Facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration by synchronizing geoscience logs and data with engineering data
The Key to Improvement

Leading KPI’s: ‘Watches’ identify deteriorating wellbore conditions facilitating:

  • Avoidable Lost Time® & ALT® are a new, unique measurement that represents the totality of elapsed time from first proactive watch of an evolving hazard, until the watch condition is corrected, or the event actually occurs, plus the time to return to the critical path of the well plan
  • Measuring lost time: Intervention Action Time (T1)
  • Measuring the time for Intervention Action (T2)
  • Measuring the time taken, if a hazards event occurs, to return to the well plan (T3)

Example Well – Well Control:

LiteSpeed Server 2.0 - Dallas, Tx.

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