Unique Head-to-Head Capabilities, Compared to Conventional RTD Systems


  • Enables synchronization of planned vs. actual data in real time and design
  • Links well plans to enable real time updates on critical issues like PP/FG.
  • Real time generation and synchronization of regulatory filings/forms; such as LOT/FIT, tubular testing, BOPE testing, Safe Margin, etc.
  • Heat mapping for hazards focus and archived for permanent tracking by time or depth
  • Customizable, scalable data screens for single or multi-track displays
  • Synchronizes drill-down depth with semi-logarithmic data
    • Allows for real time synchronous views and analysis of LWD data with key data tracks
    • Promotes understanding of lithology anomalies and pressure and trend changes with rock-strength data
  • RTAS provides a flexible and easy-to-use environment to the company, group, and end user to support drilling optimization.
    • Capable of importing common industry models in real time: Hydraulics, torque/drag, swab/surge
    • Easily customized for proprietary analysis calculations such as: MSE, D Exponent, etc.
  • Material balance capabilities for flow monitoring during tripping and tubular running operations
  • Customizable screens and value-set capabilities for:
  • Drillers console, Rig office supervision, Remote Centers, Engineers, Geoscientists
RTAS®: The Architecture

Modular, Scalable, and Dynamic Framework

Built to add new features, products, etc.

Cloud Based System:

  • Deployable internally, externally, private-externally.
  • Rig Site Deployment
  • Custom Deployments

HTML5 Web Interface compatible with:

  • PC/MAC
  • Tablet
  • Phone


LiteSpeed Server 2.0 - Dallas, Tx.

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